Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Mosquito net for study

Sit and study inside mosquito net with high comfort

Mosquito net is an innovative device to stay away from the mosquitoes, flies and insects. It provides complete freedom from various kinds of diseases like malaria, dengue, filaria etc. Comfort net keeps everyone protected from diseases like asthma, skin cancer, sinus problems. Now no need to use harmful coils or mats to keep the mosquitoes away.

Available in all sizes, safe for babies, children, adults and elders

Mosquito net is available in all sizes and two colors pink and cream. It is ideal to be used by babies, children, adults and elders. It is complete safe for children and babies and doesn’t use harmful, toxic chemicals like the one used in mats or coils

Carry mosquito net to hostel, outdoors, picnics, expeditions

The shape of mosquito net for study is such that children can sit inside it and they can study for long hours without disturbance .The comfort net also works during power failures when mats or coils do not work .It helps students to study inside it comfortably even when there is a power cut.

Enjoy sound and relaxed sleep

It is based on push –pull technology, non-tying and no fixtures needed for tying. Mosquito net for study can be used on cots or floors. Students can carry mosquito net to hostels outdoors, picnics or expeditions. It can be folded and kept in small bag.
No disturbance in study due to mosquito buzz
 With a flow of fresh air and complete ventilation, students can study and can have relax and refreshing sleep inside it. No more disturbances in study due to mosquito buzz. Sit inside the Mosquito net for study and study for long hours with complete comfort. Use comfort net and enjoy relaxed and refreshing sleep

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