Saturday, 29 April 2017

Know About Different Types Of Mosquito Net Chennai Available In The Market

    There are many different types of mosquito nets that are available in the market. Each one of them has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is important that when buying a Comfort  mosquito net Chennai, you select one which is best suited for your needs, and which would be able to offer maximum comfort to you.

Below, we have discussed a few different types of mosquito nets that are normally available in the market, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Based on your personal requirements, you can choose any of the following mosquito net for bed:

Self-Supporting Comfort  Mosquito Net Chennai

These mosquito nets come with flexible wore hoops or plastic wands, which in some cases may even be made from metal. A self supporting frame is made using these hoops or wands and therefore, places the net over you in the shape of a tent. The advantage, as is obvious, is that you do not have to find hooks or strings in your house to put up these nets. Packing and carrying of this Comfort mosquito net Chennai is pretty easy and quick as well. The disadvantages of using these nets include the high price at which they are available, and also the hoops and wands make them heavy, and hence carrying them around becomes difficult. They are perfect if you want to use the same inside the house for a fixed location.

Wedge Mosquito Net

They are in the shape of a slice of cake and provide a lot of space over the head, and act like drapes around the feet of the person. They are easy to put up and also quite inexpensive. The amount of space required by them is also limited. The disadvantage though of using this mosquito net for bed is that the space available inside the net is also limited, and thus the amount of air circulation gets restricted, making things uncomfortable when used for long hours or overnight.

Bell Mosquito Net

These nets are in the shape of a bell, with a high suspension in the center and then spreading around the bed on all sides. They are very easy to erect since you need to arrange for just a single suspension. The high suspension also ensures that there is ample of open space inside the spread, allowing fresh air to easily circulate. However, since a lot of material is needed for creating such a large spread, therefore, they tend to become bulky and difficult to carry around and clean. 

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